Leaf Clean Up &         Curbside Leaf Pick Up & Removal

One Earth Landscapes offers both full service leaf clean up of your property which includes cleaning out the beds, stairwells, lawn and shrubbery.  After we clean up the leaves, One Earth Landscapes will vacuum them up with our power leaf vacuums and dispose of the for you.


If you like to do your own leaves, but don't want to bag them, One Earth Landscapes can come by your home and vacuum them up for you at the curb.  In most instances, we do same day service for Curbside Leaf Vacuum.


Our Suggestions:


  •  Clean leaves from your property multiple times through the season.  Usually, 3 leaf removals will be sufficient.  Once in October, once before Thanksgiving and again before Christmas.  Any remaining leaves can be cleaned up and removed during the early Spring clean up of your property.


  • Curbside Leaf Vacuum:
    • In most cases, One Earth Landscapes can provide same day service and can always service within 24 hours of your request.  It is more efficient and economical if we can vacuum your leaves soon after you've gotten them to the curb before the leaves settle and to avoid possible rainfall on the leaves.
    • Wet and packed down leaves take more time and are harder to vacuum and can become more costly to service.
    • If you're unable to tarp and move your leaves to the curb, our crews can do so for you.  Please let us know beforehand that your leaf piles need to be moved.
    • Avoid putting rocks, sticks and other debris in the piles that may hinder or clog the vacuum hoses.

Accredited Snow Contractors Assocation

Leaf Clean Up & Curbside Leaf Pick Up and Removal

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